Monday, 2 September 2013

Scorp or curved Adze for bowl making.


Which to buy when I can only afford one?  Kind of afford!

Curved Adze
So my it appears the question I need to ask myself is which one? Both are suitable, the thing is, I can't afford all of them, which would be ideal, the adze for roughing out, the scorps for finishing and giving a surface which can be used. I am going to say Scorp here, because I can probably rough out with a hatchet and then use the scorp, But which scorp? the small onehander, the 65mm one hander or the two hander.

My current thinking is a one hander scorp, and price is seriously making me consider the smaller 33mm blade. I would certainly be able to make improved versions of what I have made so far and it is wider tha any gouges I own. The stool tops also need a "seat" shape which this could be used to achieve.

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