Friday, 20 September 2013

Creatures of the night:

Night Stalk: spotlighting trip 1

Went for a walk to Gunghalin hill nature reserve, which is just behind Crace and spent over an hour spotlighting.

Tonight we saw..... 3 micro-bats and heard many, 14 grey kangaroos, 3 Brushtail possums, one on it's own and a mother with a baby on her back, 1 cockatoo, three wood duck and 3 foxes. Definitely going out spotlighting for Nightstalk again!
 Another cool thing from last nights "Nighstalk" was playing recorded animal sounds and listening for a response. We had minimal luck... except for a moment in the forest of eyes where we played a recorded fox call. I don't know what the recorded fox was saying, but it made the local foxes a bit excited!
We tried the same technique with a Tawny Frogmouth call and a Southern Boobook call but had no luck.   The Museum of Victoria has produced an iphone App called the "Field Guide to Victorian Fauna". I'm not in Victoria but many of the species are the same.
 Link to: Field guide to Victorian Fauna

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