Sunday, 1 September 2013

Canberra Timber and Working with Wood show

 One good turner deserves another.

No not that Turner, although his works have been on display in the National Gallery I believe. Today I made the journey to EPIC, the Acronym for what is basically Canberra showgrounds. Up the hill to the  bus and then down to Northbourne  avenue where the bare branches of the Hawthorns even now have the occasional red berry. And then North to Epic.  

I have always dabbled in woodwork and over the past year I've found enjoyment in green woodwork. My skills are quite basic but I'm slowly getting there. There a few tools I need But they are fairly basic so I will get them or find a substitute.

 I'm sorry to say but my first thought when I entered was "it's all about cabinet maing and joinery" Yes I am an inverted snob
Rare Chairs had an interesting exhibit, Harold Archbold  from Moonan Brook in the Upper Hunter makes wooden chairs, specifically Windsor chairs using traditional methods. I didn't dare ask for the cost of a commissioned chair, but I will have to look into one of the 8 day chair making courses he offers.

Below are some details of the pole lathe which they use

 This the shaving horse, a dumhead type, One of the chairs is in the background on the left.

I'm considering buying a bowl adze from Henry Eckert. It's $160 and certainly looked like it quality wise. It would make bowl making very easy indeed and I could probably make that money back in a short period of time. I would need to make 16 bowls or so, or charge over $15 a bowl, whih may not be too bad a price. If I can make them work the way I want to, and finish them well. I intend to have a crack at making a big bread raising bowl.
 So overall it was a fun day and has broadened my awareness of all things wood.

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