Wednesday, 18 September 2013

And now to wait for the parcel to arrive!

I have ordered a small scorp and a set of tapered mortise cutters. So I'm on my way to having the tools I need to make stools and bowls.

Why do I do this? It's not all about recreating furniture from the past. In fact it is less about that than you might think. The SCA certainly gives context to what I do by providing an environment where the objects I create are appreciated.
 What I really get from this type of woodworking is a massive sense of enjoyment. I really get a kick out of being able to look back and see the pictures of my work when it was a log.
 In this day and age it feels like a subversive act to split, carry, shape, cut etc all by hand. And all from a log of timber from an introduced tree species which had been left to rot.
It's delightfully ludicrous. The excitement of learning this craft s still with me, I have learned so much, and so often by doing things the hard way. But the joy of it all is still there. I am not seeking perfection, I am not seeking mastery, I am having fun!

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 Daegrad Tools, a UK  reenactment tool supplier!

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