Sunday, 27 October 2013

Tip Trip pays off!


I have been aware of threads cut into timber to form threaded shafts for a while. But generally I have put that process into the to hard basket. I think it's time I changed that as I want to make some of these...
Wooden C clamp detail .

Noah's Ark Cycle: 1. Building of the Ark

1588  Kaspar Memberger the Elder

 I went to the Farmers Market at EPIC and on my way back we dropped into the "green shed" (dump shop). I picked a backpack and then I saw 2 turned wooden handles caught my eye, turns out it was 2 wooden C clamps. The screws are  warped a little and only one may be functional, but what a find! even as display/ reference pieces they are very useful. I am also pleased to say that I can document the use of this form of clamp within the SCA time period!

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