Saturday, 26 October 2013

Christmas Holidays

Those who have known me for a long time will know that I have always wanted to live life in a meaningful way, that I love nature, gardening, food, alternatives to the way mainstream society does things and want to work towards the world being a better place. I have done various things, been to courses and classes, have found my way to teaching and have probably made more of a difference than I realise.
So what I have planned to do over the Christmas Holidays this year is to enjoy these things!
here's where I need some help, tips,advice etc

-I am using meditation techniques as a means of managing stress and anxiety. I would like to spend at least a day or 2 at a place where I can learn more skills in this area, probably a Monastery or Ashram, I've found a few of options ( Hari Krishna, Benedictine, Buddhist) but would be happy to hear of more.
-I am keen to go to music events and festivals
-I want to go to events based around old skills. For example bush carpentry, windsor chair making, food culture etc.
-I want to learn more about appropriate technologies, small scale energy for instance or using c&c technology to provide communities with items they need. Cyber hippy stuff I suppose?
-I'd like to meet up with people with similar views and build on my connections.
-I'd like to do something of a volunteer nature with Wildlife.
-And catch up with friends of course!
- And festivals, gatherings etc would be awesome.

So what do you suggest? I have some ideas and destinations but nothing I'm committed to!

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  1. If you can find something interesting for New Year, that's great, if you can't, well, come to my Mountains?

    Twelfth Night is nearby to you. We should go to it.

    Come to this with me: the Illawarra Folk is fun. Need a tent and various accoutrements to be comfortable (and musical instruments), and we can swim at the local beach daily, it's fantastic. Need to get a camping ticket each, that part is really important.

    Also there's Canty Faire coming up but that screws over the first week of school. I'm still tempted to go though, I've never been to the Crescent Isles.