Friday, 31 January 2014

:Getting down to the Roots of Nazca civilisation: Huarango

Some time ago I watched a documentary about the Nazca people. Surprisingly the Nazca lines were not the documentaries main focus, instead the Nazca people and the environment in which they lived were discussed at length. Even so when I saw the beautiful ceramics and textiles which they created I was stunned. Clearly there had been more going on in this desert landscape than I imagined.

That should have been my first clue...Desert.... Often a small number of species will provide habitat, capture moisture, add organic matter to the soil and generally make it possible for a wide variety of species to thrive.

Which Key species allowed the Nazca to develop their civilisation? The dominant tree in this region  is the Huarango Prosopis pallida.  This tree is deep rooted, long lived, has seeds which can provide food for humans and livestock, useful timber and provides habitat numerous species.  The video below highlights some of the current problems and the solutions being tried.

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