Monday, 16 December 2013


Maybe you'll see  them around sometimes looking like the droppings of some odd creature, with green shoots pushing through the crumbling clay.

  I wont go into details, I will give links.. What appropriate purposes could I use them for?

Some Links. I have not checked them for quality or accuracy, so use your own Judement.

Seedballs; How to grow trees without really trying

Quite a few links here!

A useful guide for those in Canberra

A census of the plants of the ACT

Should there be, or are there Murrnongs in the grasslands of Canberra? What about native grasses, there are some areas that look a bit overused which could perhaps do with a seed bank top up, using appropriate natives of local provenance of course!

Yam Daisy, Murnong: Microseris lanceolata

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