Sunday, 14 July 2013

Knowledge is power, but only if you can use it.

I have had blogs here and there, recently I saw this and I liked the look of the templates and backgrounds available more than the ones I was already using.
      Why am I writing here? I am here to be, be what you may ask? I ask that too. A short time ago I was lucky enough to meet someone who shared many of my beliefs and ideals, and gave me some of their passion for life. Now I need to build on that and become what I have the potential to be.

 Of course we are not talking about a moment of revelation here, that would be nice. I would dearly love for a beam of light to embrace me and hear a booming voice give me directions on how to achieve this. No such luck.  Nor have I found a life partner, a guru or a banyan tree to sit under until I have the answers.

I have many skills and much knowledge, but don't know where or how to apply them, who to give them too. Life is about learning and sharing, combining old ways and new. so I search for lost ways and try to find mine.

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